Best Schools with Online Teaching Degree Programs


Types of Online Teaching Programs

The best schools to get a teaching degree online usually offer at least one of the following online education degree options:

  • Bachelor’s: Most aspiring educators will need, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree to become a licensed teacher. Students will typically focus their degree on a subject area, like math or English, or an age bracket, like kindergarten through third grade. A bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete.
  • Master’s: Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in education can move onto a master’s to focus their career on a specific area, such as implementing technology in the classroom, teaching special education classrooms, or becoming a school administrator. A master’s degree usually takes two years to complete. 
  • Doctoral: A doctoral degree in education can take two to three years to finish and requires a master’s degree. This degree furthers an educator’s knowledge and practice of skills like educational research, leadership, and policy-making. A doctorate opens the doors for a high-level education career; for example, a superintendent, college president, or a curriculum director. 

Best Online Master of Education Program

A common question from students is “Which university is best for teaching degree master’s programs online?” You can find some of the best online teaching degree programs for furthering your career with these online master’s degrees:

1. University of Kansas

Graduates will find several master’s online teaching programs in KU’s School of Education, one of the best universities to get a teaching degree at the master’s level, like Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Technology.

2. Indiana University

IU offers a wide range of 100 percent online graduate programs for educators, including School Librarianship and Higher Education and Student Affairs. 

3. University of Dayton School of Education and Health Sciences

The Online Master of Science in Education teaching degree prepares graduates for leadership and administrative roles for grades through to K-12, with the additional option of principal licensure.

4. Fordham Graduate School of Education

Fordham’s Master of Science in Education program includes several pathways for specialization, like Early Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education, as well as dual certificate options.

5. Grand Canyon University

GCU’s Master of Educational Administration not only assists students who want to further their knowledge of PreK-12 administration duties but also those who wish to obtain their initial teaching licensure. 

6. Concordia University

This Portland, Oregon-based university offers an online MEd with a focus on Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, Administration, or Career & Technical Education.

Best Online Doctoral Education Degrees

If you’re moving toward your doctorate, you’ll want to choose the best online college for teaching degree doctorate programs. Doctorate online education degree programs can allow you to pursue a high-level career in the education field. You can get a teaching degree online at the doctoral level from one of these colleges:

1. Baylor University 

Baylor’s EdD in Learning and Organizational Change is offered on a flexible schedule and students can complete it within three years to pursue leadership roles in their communities, schools, or organizations. 

2. University of Dayton School of Education and Health Sciences

Again making our list as one of the best universities for teaching degree options, the University of Dayton offers the Doctor of Education in Leadership for Organizations program, which doesn’t require Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores to enroll. This online education degree focuses on careers in organizational leadership and will take about three years to complete. 

3. The University of South Carolina – Rossier School

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership program prepares graduates for change-making leadership roles in schools, the government, or organizations.

4. Vanderbilt University – Peabody College

Vanderbilt’s Doctor of Education online education degree offers weekly live online classes through which students can obtain individualized and interactive instruction.

5. Edgewood University

Graduates who are interested in school administration roles can enter Edgewood University’s Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership with a concentration in K-12 Administration Leadership, Higher Education and Leadership Studies or Superintendent Licensure.

6. Maryville University

The Doctor of Education in Higher Educational Leadership online teaching degree offers students the option to complete both their coursework and residency through online teaching programs.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can you get a teaching degree online?” you now know that you can, along with the paths you can take to reach your goals. Although there are numerous best schools for teaching degree online programs to choose from, those listed in this article constitute some of the best universities to get a teaching degree online. We hope we’ve helped you narrow your search to take the first steps on your journey as a future educator.